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The Sunflower Fields

Immerse in a Sea of Sunflowers

Venture into our breath-taking sunflower fields, where the azure sea meets a horizon of golden blooms. Our stunning sunflower fields offer a serene escape, painting a picture-perfect setting for unforgettable moments. It's more than just a walk; it's an experience that connects you with nature's beauty.

Harvest Your Ray of Sunshine: Delight in the simple joy of hand-picking your own sunflowers. Each stem you gather is not just a flower; it's a piece of sunshine to take home. Brighten up your space with these vibrant, sunny blooms that carry the essence of summer in their petals.

Easy to Locate, Hard to Forget: Embark on a picturesque journey towards Broadway, and let the cheerful sunflower signs guide you to this hidden treasure. A delightful adventure awaits as you navigate the scenic route to our sunflower haven.

A Tail-Wagging Adventure: We believe joy is best shared, so we welcome your furry companions to join the fun. Dogs on leads can experience the magic of our fields alongside you, making for a perfect day out for the entire family.

Capture the Season Before It Fades: Mark your calendars! This sun-kissed experience is available mid July, August and early September. Don't miss this limited opportunity to create memories in our fields of gold. Come, let’s celebrate the splendour of summer together!

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